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Losing Weight Without Diet Pills

Losing weight without diet pills is really the best way to shed excess pounds.  Sure, diet supplements can many times help a person lose a bit more weight.  But they have to be committed to losing weight, first!

Losing weight without diet supplements means learning how to lose pounds without losing the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy.  After all, it doesn't do you any good to lose if you end up getting sick in the process!

Supplements to Lose Weight - Why Not?

It really is better to lose weight without using diet pills.  Why?

Many times, diet pills can give you a false sense of security.  You make a mistake and overeat at a meal, and think, "It's ok, the diet pill will take care of it."  It just makes it easier to fall into the routine of using the diet supplement to be a "safety net".

Unfortunately, diet pills only work as well as you use them according to the directions.  And if you read the labels, all diet pills recommend that they be used along with a healthy diet and exercise routine!

Even the diet pill Alli comes with its own set of caveats.  It works as long as you don't  eat more than a specific number of fat grams at a meal.  If you don't follow the rules, you risk the consequences!  (And with Alli, the consequences can be quite embarrassing.)

Eating Healthy While Shedding Pounds

The first things you need to learn when you want to lose weight are:

  • How to eat right (good nutrition).
  • Portion control.
  • Curbing cravings.

Of the three, portion control is usually the hardest!

You've heard about eating your fruits and veggies all your life, and you know that you shouldn't go overboard with sweets.  You've also undoubtedly heard that you should enjoy carbs and fats in moderation, but stay away from empty carbs (like white sugar, white bread, etc.) and saturated fats.   So eating right isn't a big mystery; although you might have to re-aquaint yourself with the rules.

Surprisingly, if you start eating right (and especially if you cut out the sweets and white carbs), your cravings will start disappearing.  Sure, they may still come around at times, but the cravings are easier to ignore as time goes on.

Eating right gives your body the nutrition it needs, so it's less likely to crave what it doesn't!  See, losing weight without diet pills is easier than you think.

Losing Weight Without Diet Pills - Portion Control

For the majority (and maybe this includes you, too), portion control is the heart of the matter.  We eat more partly because we have no clue as to what a normal size meal looks like!

OK, here's a question for all you over 40 years old.  Picture yourself much younger and go into a fast-food restaurant.  What size burgers and fries did the average person eat for a meal?

I'll bet you that a regular hamburger and a small order of fries was a normal, adult meal.  Maybe a double cheeseburger for a large man.  We weren't encouraged to "supersize" anything!

Bring yourself back to the present, and go to the fast food restaurant again (in your imagination, that is!).  What do you normally order?  Is it the hamburger and small fries?  Didn't think so!

What is a Portion, Anyway?

Smaller than you think (unfortunately).  A portion isn't two or three slices of pizza -- it's one.  It's not a platter of chicken wings -- it's two (without skin or breading).  Looking for ice cream?  How about 1/3 to 1/2 cup for a serving.

So how often do you really eat just one serving of something?

Try this test.  Before you eat that next meal or snack, look at the lable and check what a portion really is.  In a lot of cases, what you think is one portion is actually two or more!

Losing weight without diet pills is perfectly possible and actually preferable.  Sure, some people do need a little extra help, but with portion control, eating right and cutting out the empty calories, you can lose weight without diet pills!

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Overweight Woman Eating a Supersized Burger

Portion Control:  Can You Supersize Me?

There's a documentary about a woman reporter who ate at fast food restaurants at least once every day, and she only ordered the small version of a meal. 

She only ordered more if the person taking the order asked if she would like to supersize the order.

In a month, this woman gained 20 pounds with her experiment

So, how often do you supersize?



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