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Weight Loss Exercise Programs

Weight loss exercise programs come in all shapes and sizes -- kind of like people!  From small finess routines that take 15 minutes, up through some serious hour-plus workouts, there are all kinds of exercises that can help you lose weight.

All exercise programs can help you to lose weight.  However, not all burn calories at the same rate.  Obviously you won't get the same fat-burning properties from office chair exercises as from taking a spinning class.

Still, any exercise that builds muscle and/or burns at least a moderate amount of calories is a fitness program that you want to include in with your diet program!

Ideas for Weight Loss Exercise Programs

Here are some ideas for putting together your own set of weight loss exercise programs.  Your best bet is to pick one or more aerobic routine you enjoy, plus one or more strength-training routine.

  • You can walk off the pounds just about anytime and anywhere.  Even if the weather or neighborhood is bad, you can do an in-home walking program.  Check out a guide to walking fitness for more information on what you need to get started with walking as part of your exercise routine.

  • Weight Loss Exercise Porgrams, Balance Ball and WeightsBalance ball exercises are becoming more and more popular these days.  Instead of being confined to a physical therapist's office, the exercise balls are becoming mainstream.  You can get anything from a gentle stretch to a good core workout to aerobics with a balance ball!
  • Somewhere along the line you need to get in some strength training, to tone and condition your muscles and boost your metabolism.  Lifting weights is a popular strength-training exercise, and has a good effect on your bones -- important for anyone facing osteoperosis.
  • Don't feel like going to a gym, and you'd rather exercise at home? There are a lot more options than you may think, and not all of them involve spending big bucks to set up a home gym.  Of course, there are several kinds of equipment that can help your weight loss exercise program progress faster, but only if you have the money and space.  (If you do...have at it!)
  • Maybe you'd like to pay special attention to specific body parts.  For example, you can try some exercises to lose belly fat, tone your thighs or get rid of underarm fat.  While targeting a specific area doesn't necessarily help you lose weight there faster, you will look slimmer faster (which pretty much amounts to the same thing).
  • Not sure what exercises might be best for you?  Take a look at some weightloss exercises that may fit in with your time and interests.

Decide -- Then Do

All the great weight loss exercise programs in the world won't help you unless you actually take the time and do the routines.  Decide what you'd like to try, and don't worry if your first choice turns out to be the wrong one for you (for now).  Try something else to keep you moving and losing the weight!

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Fat Burning Exercises

Sure, you know you should exercise on general principle.  But if you have limited time, you'd probably like to know some of the better fat burning exercises you can include.

Some exercises that use up a lot of calories include:

Elliptical machine

Bicycling at a moderate to high pace

Treadmill (or walking) at a fast pace

In-line skating

Aerobics class, medium or high impact

Aerobic circuit training



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