Losing Weight Over 40 - Years and Pounds 

Your Skin After Losing Weight

Your skin after losing weight -- what will it look like?

Will you have acres of loose skin and need a tummy tuck to firm back up?

Will you have lots of wrinkles and blotches on your skin?

Or will you be able to just say no to plastic surgery and still look great?

Your Skin Isn't Just Your Face

Many people forget that your skin covers your whole body and not just your face.  You'll need to take care of all of it, from head to toe, while you are losing weight.  Why?  If you don't, then you're more likely to face wrinkles and loose skin.

Senior Woman Receiving Spa Facial TreatmentWhat Will Your Skin Look Like?

Honestly, there is no one answer to this question.  One thing, though, is that once you begin to eat properly and exercise, your skin will start feeling better.  Looking better.

You're giving it the nutrients that it needs to repair itself on a daily basis.  That alone is a big step in the right direction!

What your skin will look like also depends on several other factors.  Some of the more important ones include:

  • Do you smoke or have more than one drink a day?

  • How long have you been overweight -- a few years or most of your adult life?

  • How many pounds overweight are you?  Someone having 40 pounds to lose has an advantage over someone needing to lose 140 pounds (all other things being equal).

  • Do you have stretch marks from past pregnancies?

  • How old are you -- have you gone through menopause yet?

Your Face -- Dry, Normal or Oily Skin?

Is your skin oily, normal, dry or combination?  While your skin type may change while you have a healthy diet and do some exercise, you'll probably stay pretty close to what you are now.  However, oily skin and dry skin tend to move towards normal.  Not to say it will end up there, but you likely won't be as oily or as dry.

Naturally, wrinkles are a big concern.  Will losing weight ("deflating") cause more wrinkles?  WHat will your skin after losing weight look like?

If you have age wrinkles now, you'll still have them when you lose weight.  However, the wrinkles can become somewhat less noticable.  When you are eating right and exercising, your skin is able to renew itself more swiftly, and collagen has a chance to heal and repair itself.

So you'll still have age wrinkles, but with your skin healing itself, those wrinkles will become less of an issue.

Don't have any real wrinkles yet, except maybe some around the eyes?  Same thing -- you'll still have them, but with your skin becoming healthier and glowing, no one will notice them.

Facelift Without Surgery

If you're concerned with the skin on your face sagging, but you don't want to go the plastic surgery route, there is another option.  You can try face exercises to tone your facial muscles and smooth out the bags and sags.  Best yet, it's very, very inexpensive (as in, under $11).  Sound interesting?  Check out the blog post I made on "facercise" information.

Hand cream is good for skin after losing weightYour Body's Skin After Losing Weight

Here's the part that most people don't think about right away -- your body's skin after losing weight needs attention, too! 

While you are shedding the pounds, you'll need to mosturize your body's skin so that it can keep up with your weight loss.  You don't have to (but you can) use an expensive moisturizer.  Instead, you can pick up something from the grocery or drugstore that feels and smells good to you.  After all, you'll be using a lot of it on your skin.

Concentrate especially on your problem areas.  If you carry most of your weight in your stomach area, massage the mosturizer there.  Hips and thighs?  Upper arms and elbows?  Rub that moiusturizer into your skin!

For all moisturizing, it's best done after a warm shower or bath.  But if you notice problem spots like rough elbows or dry scratchy legs, put the moisturizer there as needed.

Whatever you do, don't neglect any part of your body; just put some additional on your problem areas.  You want your body's skin after losing weight to be as supple as possible.

The Benefit of Losing Weight Slowly 

While you may lose weight quickly the first few weeks of your new, healthy diet, you are best off averaging 1% to 2.0% of your body weight per week.  So if you weight 200 pounds, a safe weight loss (after the inital drop) would be 1 to 2 pounds a week.

And the closer you get to your goal, the slower you'll lose.  Frustrating, but a fact of life.

OK, the big benefit to shedding pounds slowly is your skin after losing the weight.  If you lose to quickly, your skin can't renew itself fast enough to keep up.  The result?  Sagging where you don't want it.

By losing weight slowly, your skin has the chance to renew itself as you lose, enabling it to be more form fitting (so to speak).  You may still have some sagging, but that depends on other factors as well.  But you can reduce the chance with a slow, steady weight loss.

Besides, two pounds a week is 104 pounds in a year.

Exercise and Your Skin

While you are losing weight and taking care of your skin, you'll want to do some toning exercises on your problem spots.  When fat departs, you'll want some lean muscles to take over and help tighten those places.  You don't want your skin after losing weight to look saggy when it can be looking leaner.

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Why Slow Weight Loss is Better For Your Skin

It's something you hear all the time -- a slow and steady weight loss is best.  But we all want the weight gone tomorrow!

Slow is better for your skin, of all things.

Do you want to have a lot of excess, loose skin?  Or do you want to look trim and glowing?



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