Losing Weight Over 40 - Years and Pounds 

The Secret of Losing Weight

What's the biggest secret of losing weight?

Is it exercising your brains out, so you burn calories like crazy?

Is it eating  the fewest calories you can and still be able to (more or less) function?

Is it saying goodbye to snacks and desserts for forever?

Nope, it's not any of these "usual suspects".  Let's take a look and find the true secret that few people talk about.

And the Secret of Losing Weight Is...

Woman with the Secret of Losing WeightAre you really, truly ready to lose weight?  Because if you're not wholeheartedly committed, you will be doomed to fail, plain and simple.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start your weight loss plan.

  1. Am I losing weight for someone else...or for me?  If you're planning to lose weight for someone else and not just yourself, you may lose some pounds.  Maybe even a lot.  But chances are excellent that you will gain all that weight back.  If you aren't committed for yourself, your weight loss won't stick.

  2. Am I committed to changing my lifestyle to one that's healthy?  If you are just changing the way you eat "temporarily", to lose the weight, you're setting yourself up for the yo-yo effect.  A healthy lifestyle isn't one that's hard to live with long-term.  But you do have to commit yourself to getting there, one step at a time.

  3. Am I willing to exercise?  You don't have to become an athlete, but you do need to understand the value of exercise in your diet -- and your life!  The good news is that it doesn't really matter what kind of exercise, just so long as you do it (regularly).

  4. Can I give up empty calories?  This is related to a healthy lifestyle, but it's also more.  Empty calories, like those in highly processed foods and sugars can send your blood sugar soaring and then crashing.  They make losing weight permanently almost impossible.  Not that you can't ever have a slice of birthday cake or a scoop of ice cream again, but these are treats -- not everyday events.

  5. Do I want to live?  Or just survive?  For anyone with more than 40 pounds to lose, this is essential. You are literally killing yourself with every extra pound.  There's a reason that people who are very obese are called "morbidly obese".  But everyone who carries around excess weight is hurrying to the grave faster.

It's Your Decision

The secret of losing weight means you deciding for yourself that you will do whatever it takes.  It may mean giving up favorite foods, except as special treats.  It means getting off the couch and exercising.

It means having the strength to "just say no" when people put sweets in front of you.

Maybe even giving up "friends" who are constantly trying sabotage your weight loss efforts.

You now have the secret of losing weight in your hands -- what will you do with it?

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What Motivates You?

There will be times when your willpower fades and temptation looms.  All you have between you and that goodie is a fork or a spoon.  What can you do?

Remember why you want to lose weight.

Remember how it feels to lose weight.  How you're more comfortable in your body.

There are lots of losing weight motivations.  Keep the one that lets you succeed in front of you as a barrier against temptation!



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