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A NutriSystem Diet Review

Nustrisystem Diet Review, 30 Pound NutribearThis NutriSystem diet review is from two people -- myself (Gail) and my husband (David).  We've been on the NutriSystem diet plan, and wanted to share our experiences with you.

If you've read my "About Me" page, you know I have (had) over 100 pounds to lose.  David had 50 extra pounds hanging around.  Honestly, he was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  David was the one who decided to try NutriSystem, and I said I'd do the NutriSystem weight loss program, too.

We decided to try the diet plan for one month.  If it worked, we'd stay on it longer.

It worked.  We've stayed on it.  We've lost weight, and have the bears to prove it!

Here's our NutriSystem diet review, of the program and the food.

(Oh, and in case you are wondering about the little teddy bears, I'll explain below.)

How Does the NutriSystem Weight Loss Program Work?

I have to say, it's fairly easy. You eat 5 or 6 times a day, and for the most part, aren't ever hungry.  (OK, every so often I'd get a bit hungry, but a few raw veggies hit the spot just fine.)

The foods are lower glycemic and medium to high in protein.  It's fairly low-fat and has lots of complex carbs.

The main idea behind the NutriSystem weight loss plan is that to re-set two things. 

First, you have to understand exactly what a portion really is.  Second, your body's metabolism needs to be re-set to run properly.

You accomplish this by eating smaller meals more often, and since the food is lower-glycemic, so your blood sugar doesn't spike.

There is no calorie-counting -- it's all been thought out for you.

So that's part 1 of this NutriSystem diet review - how the program works.  Now on to what matters most (outside of weight loss, that it) -- the food!

NutriSystem Diet Review Part 2 -- the NutriSystem Meals

I think everyone, David and I included, has the same thought when opening the boxes of food for the first time:

NutriSystem Diet Review, NutriSystem Meals"The portions are so small!".

No, it's not that the portions are small, it's that we have gotten used to "super sizing" everything!  So a normal portion looks tiny.

Once we got over the portion size, the next was the Nutrisystem meals themselves -- were they going to be edible, or taste awful?

You know, they were pretty good.  Even David agreed that many of the meals tasted fine. 

Pictured are some of our favorite foods, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The flatbread pizza (dinner) is closely followed by the beef tacos and flame-broiled hamburger.

Breakfast of pancakes starts our day off right...unless we're in the mood for some scrambled eggs, cereal or a granola bar.

Lunch...ah, I love the fudge graham bar!  But also great are the soups -- black bean tortilla, cheesy broccoli, homestyle mashed potatoes and ham & beans are some of our other favorites.

For dessert, I adore the nacho chips, as well as the biscottis.  David likes the white chocolate cookies, chocolate cake and chocolate pudding.  However, we both fight over the peanut butter cup we make from the NutriChocolates!

The NutriSystem Meals -- Are They All Good?

I have to be honest with this NutriSystem diet review on the food.  It's not all wonderful.  While most of the foods are pretty good, some are less so.  And almost all the dinners are on the bland side.

You've probably heard some horror stories about the NutriSystem diet food.  Some of it certainly has to do with going from food like whoppers with fries to lower fat and less salty foods.  Then again, some people just have different tastes.  For example, many people hated the apple cake, but David and I loved it!.

(If you've heard stories about the infamous tuna casserole, they were probably true.  Nutrisystem got rid of that item.)

Everyone has different tastes, and that appears to be why the dinner selections need some "omph" to spice them up.  Usually some salt-free seasoning and some lightly sauteed veggies do the trick.  Or in the case of the beef tacos, some salsa and fat-free sour cream makes them very tasty.

I have to be honest in this NutriSystem diet review.  I don't like everything on the menu.  Neither does David.  But we have found many favorites, and we enjoy eating them.

NutriSystem Diet Review...Does it Work?

David and I both say a resounding yes!  As I write this NutriSystem diet review (February 21, 2008), David has lost 31 pounds and I have lost 27.  We both started October 1, 2007, so we were dieting through the holidays.  Both of us want to stay on until we reach our goal weights..

Here's where the teddy bears come in.  They are called NutriBears, and you get one bear for every 10 pounds you lose on the NutriSystem diet.  Both David and I have our 20-pounds bears in our hot little hands.  David also has his 30-pound bear, and I'm just a few pounds away from mine.  She'll be in my shipment next month.

Something Wonderful Happened

I have to brag on both David and the NutriSystem diet.  Something wonderful has happened in the 10 weeks we've been on the NutriSystem weight loss program.

For as long as we've been married, 16 years, David's cholesterol and triglycerides have been almost literally off the charts on both.  Prescriptions brought them down some, but the side effects of the various medication were too much.  So about 5 years ago (after finally making it into the mid-300's for cholesterol), David quit taking them.

Fast forward, and David had a checkup after being on the NutriSystem weight loss program for about 6 weeks.  We were stunned and pleased to find that his cholesterol is almost normal -- 228.  I can't remember the exact number for the triglycerides, but it was something like 249.

Of course, there was a big ruckus over this.  How could David have gotten his cholesterol and triglycerides down so radically, without medications?

They couldn't believe that it was just the NutriSystems diet and walking a few times a week.

NutriSystem Diet Review -- the Cons of the Plan

This wouldn't be an honest NutriSystem diet review if I didn't tell you about what we've had to adjust to, and here they are.

The cost is the first thing.  If you eat out several times a week, NutriSystem might actually be a cost savings for you.  Since we didn't eat out regularly, so the NutriSystem weight loss plan costs us a bit more.

How much, you ask?  Well, the food runs around $300 a month per person.  We also still have to buy fruits and veggies and such from the grocery store as part of the plan.  It's not too bad, though, and certainly much healthier!

I'm used to diets and diet foods, so while I think most of the food is pretty good, David isn't always as thrilled.  Then again, he's never had any diet food in his life, so he has nothing to compare to.  (Still, he orders every month anyway, and knowing him as I do, it can't be that bad.).

I mentioned before that the dinners tend to be bland.  Yes, some of the NutriSystem diet foods do need a little help.  One example is the scrambled eggs.  Whatever you do, don't cook them in the microwave, per the package directions!

Instead, cook them in a pan on the stove with some sauteed onions and green peppers -- they are great that way!

Me With the NutriBearsLikewise is the chocolate cake.  Do yourself a favor and bake it, instead of using the microwave.  (I bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.) When you bake the chocolate cake and put a little fat free whipped cream on it...is it ever good!

Is the NutriSystem Diet Worth It?

Yes, in both David's and my opinions.  Not only have we lost weight, but our overall health has also improved.

Now that we've found our favorites, the food is good, and we've learned something very important -- what a portion size really looks like.

And gosh darn it, the NutriBears are so cute!

So there it is, my NutriSystem diet review. If you think this might be a good fit for you, then I encourage you to check out NutriSystem for yourself.

May you be blessed with a multitude of NutriBears!

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Pick the Right Diet for You!

There is no one diet that is right for everyone, plain and simple.  If there was, we'd only have one diet to worry about!

Maybe you need some variety in your eating?  Or maybe you need a diet where you don't have to think -- you eat what the plan says to eat.

There aren't any rights or wrongs, aside from following a sensible diet. What's right for your next door neighbor might (or might not) be right for you, too.

Be honest with yourself about your needs, then go out and find the diet that most closely matches it!

(But if this NutriSystem diet review sounds intriguing, I encourage you to click here to check it out.)

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