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Menopause Weight Loss

Menopause weight loss has traditionally been difficult. Your body is changing, your hormones are all over the place.

It seems like you can just look at a piece of cake and pow -- menopause weight gain has taken over your body.

Is there a way to prevent the weight gain? And better yet, to lose weight during menopause? Yes, it is possible; it's just a little more challenging.

Perimenopause and You

First, know that what you're going through is called perimenopause -- it's the time leading up to true menopause (cessation of periods). As you probably already know, your moods are swinging, your emotions are erratic. You may have trouble sleeping, but then need a nap during the day.

In all this, weight loss seems to be an impossible task. Do you have to wait until the true menopause happens before life becomes normal again?

Living With Hormones

Remember when you were entering your teen years? Your moods were wild, you'd gain weight at the drop of a hat, then go about losing it just as quickly.

One minute you were full of energy, the next so tired -- almost like you needed a nap. Snacks called out to you, and for several days each month you retained water like mad.

Hmmm, does this sound at all familiar? It's the flip side of perimenopause.

During your teen years, your hormones were just starting to come into play, and your body needed some time to adjust to the change. During perimenopause, your hormones are fluctuating again, with some of the same effects.

Menopause Weight Loss

Now that you know why it's happening, what can you do about it? Menopause weight loss is harder now than at any time during your life. Where before you could take off 10 pounds without a problem, now three pounds seems like a difficult goal.

You need to outsmart your body. Knowing that your hormones are working against you, take charge of your diet by eliminating foods that trigger trouble for you.

What are typical trigger foods? Simple sugars, like the infamous whites (white rice, white bread, etc.) are known trouble-makers. But surprisingly, some fruits can be a problem as well, due to their fructose content. Pick fruits less sweet and higher in fiber.

And you've heard it a thousand times, but here it is again -- don't skip meals. When you skip a meal, your blood sugar goes way down, and you're more likely to binge on snacks.

Tips for Losing Weight

Take a look at the losing weight during menopause and losing weight after menopause pages for a lot more tips on how you can lose weight during these years before and after.

It's not impossible to stay on a diet. You can achieve menopause weight loss. You just need to do it a little differently from when you were younger. 

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Doctors and Menopause

Something interesting I came across in a study; physicians generally said their patients were going through menopause two years late!

I'll use myself as an example. I was having symptoms that I thought were the beginnings of perimenopause. I mentioned it to my GYN, who said I was way too young.

A few month later, I was with a group of ladies in their 50's and 60's and we somehow got on the subject.

I mentioned what my doctor had said and they asked what were my symptoms.

After I told them, they laughted and to a woman agreed -- I had started.

Sounds like at next year's visit, my doctor will finally agree!



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