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Losing Weight Motivation

Losing weight motivation can be hard to pin down at times.  Sure, you want to shed pounds and look thinner.  Be healthier.  Get to "hottie" status.

But what really motivates you?  When you get the raging munchies at 1 AM, what prevents you from leaping out of bed and raiding the fridge?

What lets you pass the local fast food place without stopping through the drive through?

Just what is it that gives you the courage to say "no thanks" when offered that gooey dessert you'd love to scarf down?

What is your motivation to lose weight?  

Your Clothes -- Losing Weight Motivation

This is probably the most common answer to losing weight motivation -- being able to fit into smaller sizes and have them look good!

Losing Weight Motivation -- New ClothesIf clothes motivate you to lose weight, here are two tips:

  • As you move down in sizes, throw or give away the clothes that are now too big. Don't give yourself some "fat clothes" to fall back on. (Ok, maybe keep one item just to prove to yourself how much weight you really have lost.)
  • As you move into a new size, buy something you love one size smaller.  It's a do-able goal that you can achieve fairly soon!

Your Health and Weightloss Motivation

Being overweight or obese can cause a multitude of health problems, all by itself.  Fortunately, many issues can be better managed or even eliminated by losing weight.

For example, many people with high blood pressure find that their blood pressure goes down as the pounds are shed.  And as for type 2 diabetes, many times that can be eliminated with a proper diet and some exercise.  So, the losing weight motivation of your health can be more than just looking better.  It's being better and healthier!

(If you are on any kind of prescription medication, do not lower your dosage or quit taking your medications without approval from your medical practitioner!)

But you know what the biggest weightloss motivation seems to be, health-wise?  It's being around to see your grandchildren grow up.

Losing Weight Motivation -- the "Hottie" Factor

We'll never be 20 again, but that doesn't mean we can't be a hottie, no matter what our age!  The key here is slimming and toning your body, and feeding it properly so that you become radiant with health.

Will you ever be able to wear a bikini again?  It really depends on your age, how long you've been overweight and how many pounds you have to lose.   But hey, even if you can't wear a tiny bikini, there are a lot of other kinds of "hot" clothes out there!

Tip for the hotties-to-be out there:  make an honest assessment of yourself first.   If you're large boned, for example, you may never fit into a size 2.  And don't expect supermodel thin.  Be realistic, based on your body type (apple, pear, etc.).

Motivation to Lose Weight Tips

Whatever your weightloss motivation is, you do need to remind yourself of it before the cravings strike.  Some ideas are:

  • Create a scrapbook.  If you were ever at a healthy weight, put pictures of yourself in it.  Then pictures of what you will reward yourself with when you reach your goal (not food related).  Maybe other people's success stories, too.  Weightloss motivation comes in many forms!
  • Remember that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels".
  • Remind yourself that however good something tastes, it's momentary.  The guilty feelings afterwards will last a whole lot longer.
  • Realize that you are human.  If you "fall off the wagon", get right back on it at the next meal.
  • Check out more ideas on the page for looking good while losing weight.

Whatever your motivation for losing weight, use it to your advantage.  And don't give up -- weightloss is day to day.

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Walk Away the Pounds

If you're over 40 pounds overweight, you probably aren't too active.  Now that you're losing weight, it's time to change that.

Boring though may seem, walking is a good first exercise for most people.  It gets you up and moving without a lit of stress on your joints.

Not sure where to start?  Check out information for walking fitness to get you on the right track.

Go ahead and
walk away the pounds


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