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Losing Weight During Menopause

Losing weight during menopause can be an extremely frustrating experience.  Your hormones are all over the place, from one day to the next.  Cravings can intensify and you can feel full one minute and starving the next.  Help!

First and foremost, check with your doctor before starting a weight loss plan during menopause.  If your hormones are all over the map, your medical advisor may be able to offer suggestions before you choose your diet.  It's always best to know your options!

Meanwhile, here are some tips for losing weight during menopause (which can also help you afterwards, too).

Realize It Won't Last Forever

Some women have no symptoms (other than losing their period).  Others have a few symptoms here and there, while others seem to have everything in the book!

Though it may seem like it will never end, menopause won't last forever.

If your symptoms are effecting your day-to-day life, you should talk with your health-care professional about what you can do to get some relief...before your start your weight-loss plan.

The Myth of Middle-Age Spread

It used to be that we accepted that we'd gain ten or so pounds during menopause, but that's not the case anymore.  Losing weight during menopause is something good you can do for your body.  Don't get caught up in the "it's just five pounds" trap. You know how five pounds becomes ten or twenty.

Your Metabolism and Losing Weight During Menopause

Yes, menopause does play havoc with your metabolism.  It races one day and slows to a crawl the next.  And unfortunately the days it crawls seems to come more and more often!

What's your best bet for evening out your metabolism, and even raising it? If you guessed diet and exercise, you  guessed right.

Here's why diet is important.  When the body knows it will get what it needs to function on a day-to-day level, your metabolism smooths out and even raises up some.  If you're not constantly crash dieting one day and overeating the next, your body can be reasonably certain that it will get what it needs tomorrow.

A healthy diet, even if it is low calorie, is actually your best defense against a wandering metabolism.

Now diet alone won't raise your metabolism a lot -- for that you will need to build up some lean muscle.  And to do that, you need some sort of exercise.  Strength training is the key to building more muscle. 

You don't need to join a gym or spend hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment.  You can pick up some resistance bands or some light hand weights from a sporting-goods store or on the internet.  The cost?  Maybe $25 to $35, depending on how many bands/weights you buy.

Cravings -- Don't Give In! 

Losing weight during menopause can be tough, especially since for the vast majority of women, the hormones go through a see-saw routine.  And with the erratic hormones can come cravings.  Lots and lots of cravings.

One of the best ways to fight those cravings is to drop the "whites" from your diet. To lose the cravings, you need to lose the white bread, white sugar, cookies, cakes, sodas and the like.

When it comes to menopause weight loss, simple sugars send your body on a roller coaster.  One minute you're ravenously hungry so you wolf down a bagel and cream cheese.  An hour or two later you hit a slump and start looking for the next "hit" of sugar to get you through the slump.  Its a viscous cycle.

You'll be surprised at what happens when you dump the "whites" and eat more lean protein.  The cravings may still be there at times, but they become easier to resist.  And when you drop the simple sugars from your diet altogether, the cravings can virtually disappear.

Are You an Emotional Eater?

This is a tough one if you're losing weight during menopause.  Since your hormones aren't playing by the normal rules, you may be more emotional.  And if you're an emotional eater, you'll have tons of temptation around every corner.

What's a good way to help overcome emotional eating?  It may (or may not) surprise you, but a healthy diet and exercise can help you even out your emotions.  And it doesn't have to be strenuous exercise, either -- a nice walk or bike ride can do wonders after a stressful day.

Need some help finding a healthy diet?  Take a look at the best diet for losing weight page to get some ideas.


If you're running around trying to coordinate work, home and maybe children or grandchildren, you're probably not getting much in the way of "me" time.  You know, where you do something that's just for you.  If could be something as simple as watching your favorite movie, or taking time to read a good book.  Maybe have one of those long, luxurious baths with bubbles, candles and your favorite music playing.

Maybe you need some time out with your friends -- and maybe they need it too!  Just try to stay away from a food-oriented get-together with them.  And if they are going through menopause too, they'll know exactly how you feel.

Relaxation lets your body take a breather and recharge itself.  It's an important part of losing weight during menopause.

Other Info

If you're over 40 and are having a hard time losing weight but you're not completely sure if you've started going through menopause yet, check out these symptoms of menopause.  

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Natural Progesterone Therapy and Your Weight

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