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Looking Good While Losing Weight

Looking good while losing weight - is it possible? Not only possible, but essential to your long term weight loss success. Because if your self-image is poor, your chances of making it to your weight loss goal are small.

Sure, you might not want to buy new clothes while you're losing weight, since they won't fit after awhile. But you should have at least one or two "feel good" outfits, no matter where you are in your dieting program.

But here are ideas of things you can do to look better, and feel better about your looks, while you are losing weight..

Update Your Makeup

Even if you're someone who doesn't like to look "made up", you should take a look at your cosmetics. Because if you're like most overweight women, you don't pay enough attention to your face.

And, if you're over 40, you might still be relying on the cosmetics and techniques you were using when you were in your 20s or early 30s. To borrow a phrase, makeup has come a long way, baby! Not only the cosmetics themselves, but techniques, too.

No makeup will make you look like you've lost 40 pounds, but there are techniques that can make your face look thinner (can you say "cheekbones?"). Not to mention there are a whole lot of cosmetics these days catering to women over 40.

The point being, you deserve to look as good as you can at every stage of your weight loss program!

Try a New Hairstyle

Unless you're dead set on keeping your current hair appearance, you should consider a visit to the salon. As a start, you need a good haircut, even if it's still just your current style.

What about color? It's rare that a person loves the haircolor they were born with. And is that gray creeping through? Maybe it's time to consider updating your hair color as well, even if it's just to get rid of any gray.

Looking Good With a Makeover

Feeling more adventurous? Go with a friend for a makeover. While you might not be used to the new look the stylist and/or markeup artist comes up with, your friend can help with suggestions as well.

We're so used to our appearance (which we might not have changed for years), that a new look can be a little unsettling. Having someone you trust along with you can help you see new possibilities.

So there you go -- ideas for looking good while losing weight. Now go out and try some, and start feeling even just a little better about your looks. You can do it!

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Clothes and Makeup; Where to Start?

I went to the mall fairly recently and realized there really isn't anything for women size 20 and up. Even decent styles in a size 18 were hard to come by.

So, how about shopping for clothes online? It's what I've been doing, and I rarely have a sizing problem.

My favorite is Lane Bryant. There are styles for leisure, work and special occassions. Lane Bryant has fashions for plus-size women who shop for style, not just size!

Now on to makeup. Have you considered trying minerals cosmetics? They are great no matter if you like a "no makeup" look or if you like to experiment with colors.

You can find a cosmetics store in your local mall, or you can shop online. Sephora is a great place to get ideas and to see a wide range of makeup!

(By the way, why not try some of the new makeup looks? Even if you decide to wash it off, trying something new just might give you ideas for a new look you do like!)


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