Losing Weight Over 40 - Years and Pounds 

A Guide to Losing Weight

A guide to losing weight -- it's what almost everyone wants.  A list of how-tos and beware-ofs.  Not to mention how to lose weight fast and easy!

But no guide to losing weight would be complete without mentioning several things, all of which are important. 

Exercise -- you need it even if you can't do traditional moves because of a condition or disability.

Eating healthy -- it's not just grabbing a salad at lunch and calling it good. 

Drinking water -- yes, it can help you lose weight!

Sleeping -- you need a good night's sleep so that your body recharges.

Let's check out more for a guide to losing weight.

Woman on Fitness Ball Doing Ab CrunchesExercising Your Right to Exercise

Virtually everyone can exercise, no matter what your condition.  No matter how out-of-shape you are.  Doesn't matter if you can't walk.  What's different is how each person can exercise.

But first -- if you are under medical supervision for anything, check with your health care provider.  You need to know what you can and cannot do.

Can't walk?  There are lots of exercises for people who can't walk or stand.  Get yourself a DVD, watch, learn and do!

Not used to exercising?  Start slow -- walking is usually a good first exercise.  No need to run a marathon your first time out -- even 5 minutes a day in the beginning is progress!

Hate exercising?  You probably hate traditional exercises.  Why not try something different?  Maybe put on your favorite music and dance around?  Get a DVD on something you've always wanted to try -- yoga, Tahitian dance, baton twirling -- and try something new!

Need more ideas?  Check out losing weight lifting weights for information about how you can strength train and lose weight.

Eating Healthy -- A Guide to Losing Weight

Eating healthy and losing weight -- it's seemingly different every time you turn around!  Carbs are good one day, bad the next.  Shun fat today and eat it tomorrow.  Is there a rhyme or reason?

Eating healthy starts with getting plenty of crunchy veggies.  The average person doesn't eat the recommended 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables by a long shot.  And no, french fries are not considered a vegetable in a healthy diet!

Another thing about eating healthy and losing weight -- get rid of the sodas, diet or otherwise.  Sodas contain phosphoric acid, which eats away at your teeth and leaches calcium from your bones.

Want more information?  Try losing weight without diet pills for ideas.

Drinking Water and Losing Weight

Here's a guide to losing weight you might not suspect.  Yes, drinking water can help you lose weight, and keep it off.  But maybe not in the way you expect!

When you don't drink enough water (and I am talking water and not soda, tea, coffle, juice, etc.) your body tends to hoard it.  Because it doesn't know when the next supply will come along, your body keeps all it can, locked up in tissue.

If you body gets a regular supply of water, it dumps what it's storing.  And for some people that can be up to 10 pounds!

Now you may think "oh, that's just water weight -- not really weight loss".  But guess what?  It's extra weight that your body doesn't need!  No, it's not fat loss, but it is weight loss.

How much water?  At the very least eight glasses.  But if you're at least 40 pounds overweight, make it 10 glasses.  Your body will thank you.

Snooze Control

No guide to losing weight would be complete without talking about your body's need for rest.

Your body needs sleep, for a couple of reasons.  One is to let the cells get about their business of recharging, and two is to dream and let your mind reset for the following day.

If your body isn't getting at least six hours (and preferably eight hours) of sleep a night on average, your weight loss can suffer.  Your body doesn't have the down time it needs, and your REM cycles are interrupted.  Not enough sleep can make you irritable and raise the levels of cortisol in your body.

Not good for weight loss!

Sure, there will be days here and there where you can't get your six or eight hours in -- happens to just about everyone.  Just as long as you get enough sleep on an average night, you're likely good to go.

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Cortisol and Your Body

There was a weight loss commercial out a while ago, that asked if you were "over thirty, overtired and overweight".  Of course it advertised a diet pill that would help to control cortisol in your body.

True or false?

Yes, excess cortisol in your body can make it more difficult to lose weight.

The good news is that eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep can help control cortisol too!

Secret of Losing Weight

Yes, there is a secret to losing weight, and without it, you'll only fail again.

Learn all about this secret of losing weight and how it can help you!



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