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Green Tea to Lose Weight

Green tea to lose weight -- that's the new slogan.  Is green tea really good for a diet?

More specifically, does it really help to lose weight?

Catch up on the low down of how to drink green tea and lose weight.

The Color of Tea and Weight Loss

It can get confusing trying to sort out the different kinds of tea.  There's white, green, oolong (wu long) and black.

Are any of them better than the others when you want to drink tea to lose weight?Drinking green tea to lose weight.

Here's a secret -- there is really only one kind of tea plant, but the different colors are due to how much the leaves are allowed to oxydize when they are being processed.

Green tea is oxydized very little, so it naturally has a lighter color and more delicate taste.

Green Tea to Lose Weight

Green tea is the best overall to drink when you want to lose weight.  Why?  Although green tea has slightly fewer fat-burning properties than does wu long, green tea has more antioxidants.  Not to mention less caffeine.

Since antioxidants play such a large role in healthy weight loss, green tea is the overall winner.

Wondering how you should buy your  tea?  Find information on if you should get loose tea or tea bags.

Green tea was made popular by Oprah Winfrey, when she reported drinking it to lose weight.

Oprah was very smart to include tea in her diet plan, as it has potent antioxidants to help your body to be healthier.  And being healthier is part of why you're losing weight!

(Here's more information on green tea, weight loss and Oprah.)

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong (also known as wu long) tea is at the top of the tea list when it comes to weight loss properties, but it only beats out green by a hair! 

Wu long tea has slightly more caffeine, being somewhere between green and black tea in color and oxydation.  That little bit of extra caffeine may be what put it slightly ahead of green tea in the race.

How Much to Drink to Lose Weight?

How much green tea to lose weight should you drink?

A lot of it depends on how sensitive you are to caffeine.  Green tea, in whole leaf form, has much less caffeine than coffee, or even black tea.  Still, it does have caffeine, so it you are sensitive to it, you might want to consider a decaf version in capsule form.

If caffeine doesn't bother you, try starting out with three cups of green tea a day to lose weight.  If three cups works well, you can try adding some more, up to six cups a day.

(By the way, a cup is just that -- eight ounces.  Must mugs hold between 10 and 12 ounces, so keep that in mind.)

Don't spoil your weight loss efforts by putting anything into the tea before you drink it, except maybe a tiny bit of artificial sweetner, if you must.  Drinking the green tea straight is the best way to lose weight. 

Find out more about green tea's active ingredients and why they are great for weightloss.

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Wu Long or Oolong?

They are really the same cup of tea!

This tea type is pronounced "wu long" but it's traditional spelling is "oolong". .

Either way, it's a great cup of tea when you are trying to lose weight!


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