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Green Tea Facts and Information

What are some of the green tea facts? What's fiction? And what's merely speculation?

And also, does this fascinating and tasty drink help you lose weight?

Learn more about green tea and see if what you've heard matches up with the facts.

Green Tea Antioxidants

Aside from its great taste, the best-known fact of green tea is its extraordinary levels of antioxidants, in the form of catechins.

These antioxidants are so powerful that some recent research indicates that ingredients in green tea can destroy cancer cells. You can read more about these interesting green tea facts on the green tea health benefits page.

Green Tea's Active Ingredients

Green tea's active ingredients include flavenoids, which is the tea ingredient involved in fighting cancer. Now flavenoids came into the limelight a few years ago when it was reported that dark chocolate was rich in these health-giving property.

But guess what? Green tea has far more flavenoids...and the calorie count is very much in tea's favor!

Ok, what exactly are catechins, polyphenols and flavenoids? And why are they importants? Find out more about green tea's active ingredients and why they are great for weightloss.

Can You Lose Weight?

In November of 2004, green tea hit the big time when Oprah Winfrey reported drinking it to lose weight. (Here's more information on green tea, weight loss and Oprah.)

Since then, there's been ample evidence that green tea supports weight loss with a light thermogenic effect on the metabolism. Now we're not talking a huge amount (about 4%), but if you're trying to lose weight, any help is good help!

You may want to check out the green tea to lose weight page for guidelines on how much you should drink if you are interested in losing weight.

Keep in mind -- this marvelous drink is not a magic bullet, no matter what the diet commercials claim. Don't expect to lose weight drinking green tea if you're not willing to change bad eating habits for good. But it is a weapon in your fight against fat!

It's Good For You

Undeniably, green tea facts say that it's great for your health, in so many ways. But like any good thing, moderation is the key. Some studies say six cups per day is the limit; others say eight. But you have to see how your body reacts to this tasty drink, to know what amount is right for you.

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Green Tea Side Effects

Although green tea has far less caffeine than coffee or even black tea, if you are caffeine-sensitive, you may be better off with a decaf green tea extract supplement.

Since tea stimulates gastric juices, some people can get an upset tummy after drinking it.

If you suffer from an irod deficiency, you may want to re-consider drinking green tea. It can block the uptake of certain forms of iron.

Please, don't over-indulge in tea of any kind, but especially green tea extracts. Since the extracts are more concentrated, an excess can put a strain on the liver. Read the dosage instructions and stick to them.


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