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Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity

Gastric bypass surgery for obesity.  Just the sound of it is daunting!  But if you are severely overweight and everything else has failed, gastric bypass surgery may be something for you to consider.

Know what you're considering, though!  You need plenty of information before you take the big step of finding a surgeon.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity?

To many people, gastric bypass surgery is synonymous with "stomach stapling" and "lap band surgery".  In reality, these are merely two types of bariatric surgery.  (Bariatrics is the study and treatment of obesity.)

Basically, bariatric surgery works by either limiting the size of your stomach's capacity (stomach stapling, lap band), or by bypassing part of your intestines (gastric bypass), giving calories less chance to be absorbed.

Of the two types of surgery, gastric bypass is the most invasive, and takes the longest to heal. The most popular type of gastric bypass performed in the United States is called roux-en-y.

However, having a gastric bypass makes it more difficult to cheat and gain the weight back.  (Although some people find creative ways to cheat after having the surgery, and do gain the weight back.) There is also the possibility that the stomach pouch will stretch over time and contribute to a re-gain.

The surgery itself takes about four hours and involves general anesthesia.

Who is a Candidate for Sugery?

If you are morbidly obese, between 18 and 65 years, with a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or more, you may be a candidate.  You must also have tried and failed at dieting numerous times.

Gastric bypass is not for just anyone -- your life will change, and you need to know what to expect after your surgery.  Are there foods you will have to avoid?  How much can you eat, and when?

And most important -- what are the side effects?  Not only are there possible surgical complications, but there can also be hair loss, thrombosis and the very unpleasant "dumping syndrome".   (And yes, it's what it sounds like.)

On the other hand, for many people, gastric bypass surgery is a literal life-saver!  Even though there are side effects and how you eat changes, the weight lost through gastric bypass surgery can sometimes be the only way to lose the weight.

Will You Keep the Weight Off?

You have to be very, very committed to your health and weight after your gastic bypass surgery, or you will just gain all the weight back again.  It's no different from any diet you've ever been on, in that respect.

If you aren't willing to follow through with your new eating plan after your surgery, you will have had some very expensive, life-altering surgery, but still be obese.

If you are willing to follow your new eating plan, though, you stand an excellent chance of losing the weight, then keeping it off. 

Gastric bypass surgery for obesity.  It's not for everyone, but you may find out after careful consideration and research, that it is for you.

Famous People Who Have Had Gastric Bypass

A partial list of celebrities who have had gastric bypass surgery for obesity include Star Jones, Roesanne Barr, Al Roker, Ann Rice and Carnie Wilson.

More Gastric Bypass Information

View this YouTube video for some answers to medical questions.  (May take a moment to load.)

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A Gastric Bypass Story

Meet Jenny, who had a fobi-style gastric bypass surgery back in 2004.

Jenny lost around 130 pounds, and has maintained her new (healthy) weight since she made her goal.

With all her experiences since then, just call Jenny the "Gastric Bypass Guru", and read about her gastric bypass story.

Bariatric Surgery Risks

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks to bariatric surgery.

While serious complications are pretty rare, you do need to be aware that this is major surgery.

Want to know more? Check out the bariatric surgery risks page..


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