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Bariatric Plastic Surgery

If you're considering bariatric plastic surgery, you need to know it's actually two sides of a coin.

Bariatric surgery is the science of weight loss, for all practical purposes.  Bariatric surgery is performed on patients who have a hundred or more pounds to lose, and have failed at every weight loss plan.

Liposuction is sometimes called bariatric, but it's really plastic surgery.  Liposuction is for when you've lost your weight, but still have ten pounds or so of stubborn fat pockets.

Here is information about bariatric and plastic surgery as weight loss techniques.

Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity

Gastric bypass surgery is very definitely major surgery.  Basically, your stomach is bypassed and attached to another portion of your small intestines.  This cuts down on the calorie absorption of your food, and it also restricts the size of your stomach.

Check out more information and a video of gastric bypass surgery.

Adjustable Lap Band Surgery

Adjustable lap band surgery is a less invasive surgery than gastric bypass.  In adjustable lap band, the surgeon places an adjustable band around the upper part of your stomach, and then inflates the band.  The inflation restricts the amount of food that can be in the stomach at any one time.  With less space available, you feel full sooner.

Want some more information and a video?  Check out the adjustable lap band surgery page.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Relatively new on the weight loss surgery front, vertical sleeve gastrectomy is also major surgery, but can also be performed laprascopically. Part of your stomach is removed, so you can't reverse this procedure.

Want some more information and a video?  Check out the vertical sleeve gastrectomy page.

Duodenal Switch

This is also a new weight loss surgery, and has some exciting short-term benefits (it isn't old enough to have much long term results yet). Major surgery, true, and it involves bypassing most of the small intestines so that fewer calories are absorbed.

Want some more information and a video?  Check out the duodenal switch page.

Bariatric Surgery Risks

Before you decide to have bariatric surgery (and even before you talk to a surgeon), you need to know the bariatric surgery risks. Although serious complications to bariatric surgery are rare, they do exist.

Here's information about bariatric surgery risks.

A Liposuction Guide

Liposuction comes in several forms -- laser, ultrasonic and tumescent.  But is liposuction really for bariatric weight loss...or is it strictly plastic surgery.

Liposuction can be both, with the following caveat:  the fat removed from liposuction is far less than the weight loss through bariatric surgery.  When it comes to liposuction, think of losing 10 or maybe 15 pounds, tops.

For more information (and a video, of course), take a look at the liposuction guide page.

Bariatric Plastic Surgery - Summary

Bariatric plastic surgery is somewhat of a misnomer, since bariatric is for significant weight loss.  Plastic surgery in the form of liposuction will only drop about 10 pounds.

Each has its own place in the world of weight loss, but no surgery should be undertaken lightly.  

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What is Bariatrics?

Here's a quote directly from WikiPedia:

"Bariatrics is branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity."

"Besides the pharmacotherapy of obesity, it is concerned with obesity surgery."


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