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Balance Ball Exercises

Balance ball exercises are an excellent way to tone your body.  Not only will you stabilize your core muscles, but you'll also work on your balance in general.

Balance ball exercises are also great for anyone who can't stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time.  You, too, can work on your body to get it trim.

Fitness ball exercises are also great for anyone who is losing weight, or just wants to stretch and become more limber.

What is a Balance Ball?

A balance ball (also known as a fitness, stability, swiss or pilates ball) is a large air-filled ball, from about 55 cm to 65 cm (roughly 25 to 34 inches) in diameter.

Balance Ball Exercises and Woman StretchingYou sit or lay on the ball for most exercises, although some are done on the floor (preferably on an exercise mat). 


The fitness ball will help you gain stability, or develop the stability and balance that you already have.

If you've never used one, just sitting on the ball and doing simple stretches can be a challenge in the beginning.  Never fear, it does get easier as you get used to being on the balance ball.  

Core Workout

One of the neat things about a balance ball is the exercise that you get in your core -- the area from your hips, abdomen and up to your ribcage.  Toning this area, even if you haven't lost much weight, will make you look slimmer, faster. And that's a good thing!

Pretty much every exercise you do sitting on the ball works your core, even if it actually targets another area.  Two exercises in one!

Learning Balance Ball Exercises

Your best bet is to take a class that uses a fitness ball.  Start out with a basic class, to learn the proper form and some exercises you can use for a lifetime.

No classes where you live?  A fitness ball video or DVD is your best bet.  Although you can read in a book what you are supposed to do, a good video will help you to actually see it. Here are some good exercise ball videos and exercise ball DVDs for you to consider.

Balance balls are generally pretty inexpensive -- from $10 to $20.  A DVD or two may cost you an extra $20.  It's an easy way to work out, lose weight and tone your core muscles all at once!

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Picture of a Balance Ball for Exercises

Where to Find a Fitness Ball

Just about anywhere!  I've seen them on ebay, in sporting stores, Amazon and even in grocery stores!

If you're not taking a class for balance ball exercises, and don't have someone who can spot you, buy yourself a couple of DVDs or videos to get you started.

Start out slow and work up to a full routine.

It looks so easy but you won't believe the excellent workout you're getting!


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