Losing Weight Over 40 - Years and Pounds 

Losing Weight
Over 40 Years and Over 40 Pounds
Losing Weight Over 40

You've tried losing weight to get the pounds off, but once you're over 40, it's a real struggle. Diets don't seem to work. Exercise leaves you huffing and puffing. Some days just getting out of bed is tough.

You want to know the best way to lose weight, and how to lose weight fast, right?

This website is dedicated to women over 40 years old, who have 40 or more pounds to lose (although of course everyone is welcome).

The emphasis for this site is for women losing weight after 40, and for how to lose more than 40 pounds.  It's just more difficult over fourty!

Why is it So Hard?

What's so hard about losing weight?  From the commercials and ads we see on the TV and in magazines, it seems like it should be (ahem) a piece of cake.  Just take this magic pill and you're slim overnight.  Or at least next week.

Don't let anyone kid you - getting rid of those excess pounds is hard!   If it really was easy you'd already be thin, right?  But there is hope for weightloss.  Women past 40 have it harder but you can do it!

It is possible to lose weight, even if you are over 40 years old or have 40 or more pounds to lose. You just need to approach it differently.  And not expect it to happen overnight.  After all, your body is adjusting and re-adjusting during this time.

New! Watch me lose weight safely and inexpensively -- see my blog page Is Being Fat Your Fault -- maybe you'll want to join in, too!

A Guide to Losing Weight

Weight Loss Over 40This website is a guide to losing weight, and in these pages you'll find:

  • The benefits of weight loss.  It may sound obvious, but you may be suprised to realize how many benefits there can be.  (Aside from just looking and feeling better.)
  • What about your skin? It's something most people don't think about, but you should know what to expect.  Will it be loose? Will you want surgery? Or will you look absolutely radiant? Do facial exercises help?
  • Need some weight loss motivation?  There will be days when it's taking all your willpower to keep from going on a binge.  Learn how to keep what motivates you front and center for those times of need. And don't forget about looking good while losing weight!
  • What's the best diet for shedding pounds ?  That's a tough one, because everyone is different.  However, find out about some smart choices to get you started. You might also want to check out losing weight without diet pills.   (You might even want to try some green tea.)
  • Are you having problems losing weight during menopause?  What about after menopause? Either way, your body is going through changes and you need tips to cope with them!
  • Is there a secret for weight loss?  Yes, and it's one that's usually overlooked, but it's absolutely essential for successfully shedding the pounds!
  • Uh-oh, you've encountered a dieting plateau -- discover what it really is, and what you can do to get the scale moving again.
  • No site would be complete without information on exercise.  You can choose something like a balance ball, work out at home, strength train, join a gym or just get informed about your exercise options!
  • For those of you who have over 100 pounds to lose, and you've tried everything without success, you might want to investigate bariatric sugery -- gastric bypass or lap band. Bariatric surgery can be a miracle, but it does have a price -- know the pros and cons before you make a decision.

Why This Website and About Me

I got the idea for this site after speaking with many, many women who are struggling with their weigh after they reached 40.  What worked in the past doesn't work now and they are tired, afraid and frustrated.  Why does the scale keep going up, and never down?  It's scary to feel so out of control.

And also for another reason -- I am over 40 years old and (way) over 40 pounds overweight.  I am losing weight successfully, but I know what you are struggling with -- I face it everday, too!  You can find out more on my About Me page.



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Losing Weight Tips

Losing weight feels great!  Love the feeling of loose clothes instead of tight!

Lose Weight Drinking Water

It seems kind of strange but you really do need to drink water (and lots of it) to lose weight.

It isn't as hard as it sounds, and you can find all about it on the lose weight drinking water page.

Are You Eating Enough?

Eating too much defintely makes you gain weight, but did you know eating too little has the same effect? 

Discover why you should eat more to lose weight.

Losing Weight & Pre-Diabetes

As we get older, pre-diabetes, Syndrome X and diabetes itself looms on the horizon for many of us.  Is there anything we can do?

Take a look at a pre-diabetes diet and find out how Syndrome X may be affecting you. 


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